Balaji ATV Ride Adventure

Balaji Quad Bike Adventure is a vehicle for ATV activities with long tracks in Bali. Located in a remote area of ​​Gianyar Regency, 30 minutes from Ubud, they offer a great experience to the wild in Bali. Bringing you to the extraordinary experience of driving an all-terrain vehicle (quad bike) with long and challenging tracks along rice fields, forests, rivers, and traditional Balinese traditional villages that are not monotonous. It is safe and suitable for professionals and even rookies.

This trip will make your day a more memorable experience to try riding an ATV Bali treat and test your courage and adrenaline on four Quad bikes that enjoy panoramic views of the Balinese countryside, accompanied by professional local guides, tours through rice fields, villages, plantations, forests and rivers and playing mud.

You will be picked up at the hotel while showing your reservation and then head straight to Payangan village for further ATV riding. When you arrive, professional instructors will give you directions on how to ride an ATV, use track equipment, safety standards and ATV ride trips Bali. Bali ATV Ride travel takes around 2 hours through the beauty of green nature, waterfalls, rivers, forests, rice fields.

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Bali Payangan ATV Ride Adventure

Balaji ATV Ride Adventure

Activity: ATV Ride

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