Bali Pandawa Banana Boat Adventure

Talking about the island of Bali where this island is the center of tourist destinations in Indonesia certainly will not end. And adventure activities with Banana Boat Bali are the best alternative when you want to try the sensation of water recreation activities on the island of Bali. Besides this Banana Boat you can do this activity with your family and friends.

Located in Bali, the southern part of Tanjung Benoa offers panoramic views of the beautiful beaches at Tanjung Benoa and sunny Balinese sunshine during the day. This beauty can be enjoyed with satisfaction by local and foreign tourists when playing this Banana Boat.

In addition to Tanjung Benoa Beach supported by very calm sea water, Tanjung Benoa is also supported by views of Bali's Mount Agung and Nusa Penida which can be seen from the beach. Benoa Harbor is also located not far from Tanjung Benoa beach, travelers can even see fishing boats loading and unloading.

This large banana boat, can be boarded by four to six tourists and one guide. Like riding a horse and the boat will be pulled by a speed boat that rotates on the beach until sometimes a little to the middle. Usually speed boats are driven by one to two guides. For one round, the game lasts about 15 to 20 minutes.

This Banana Boat game equipment meets international standards. Like the life jacket, speed boat and banana boat itself.

The rope length is set to facilitate communication between the guide and the speed boat driver. Sometimes a banana boat will be overturned by a guide while in the middle of the sea and make all passengers wet, and for those of you who can't swim, there is a life jacket so you will float.

After a 15 minute tour, the guide will direct you back to Tanjung Benoa beach.

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