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Antonio Blanco Museum is located in Gianyar regency, precisely on the Penestanan highway, Campuhan village, Ubud district, Gianyar district. This museum is dedicated to the painter Don Antonio Blanco, who is from the Philippines.

In the museum there are many paintings of Balinese dancers. Antonio Blanco is indeed interested in changing the beauty of Balinese dancers into paintings. Arriving in front of the museum gate, visitors must pay parking around 30,000 rupiah. Arriving in front of the building there are two large dragon statues as the guard of the building.

Visitors who enter the building will see two large arches made of green marble. In the middle of the gate there was a photo of the art maestro don Antonio Blanco right in front of the entrance of the building. The Antonio Blanco Museum consists of two floors. Unfortunately visitors cannot take photos indoors. In addition to the exhibition venue for Antono's paintings, there is also a studio where the maestro usually makes his artistic works. Complete with canvas and brush used.

Near the Antonio Blanco museum there is a restaurant. Visitors who have been satisfied around the museum can indulge their tongue with Balinese and European specialties at the restaurant rondji. Not only that, visitors can also spoil their eyes by seeing the beauty of Ubud from the restaurant because of the location of the restaurant next to the museum. For visitors who like art, it is highly recommended to visit the Antonio Blanco museum. Visitors will be presented with the beauty of Balinese women from the eyes of a world renowned maestro Don Antonio Blanco and also his son Mario Blanco.

Inspired by a book that presents the beauty of Bali, from there Anton Blanco visited Bali and finally married a Balinese dancer named Ni Ronji. Ni Ronji also inspired him to create paintings of high aesthetic value. There are approximately 350 Balinese dancer paintings.

Although the paintings of Balinese dancers are presented transparently, but because they are wrapped in paintings, they are highly valuable works of art. The Antonio Blanco Museum was originally the studio of the maestro don Antonio Blanco himself. He produced many works in this studio. So that this place was transformed into a museum where exhibits of the works he made.

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