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Besides having a beautiful panorama, the island of Bali is also laden with the handicrafts of its inhabitants. One of them is batik woven fabric. In Tohpati Village, Batubulan District, Bali there is a batik center made of woven fabrics. A number of boutiques stand offering the work of these batik artisans who are known to have high quality.

Batik as one of Indonesian culture, has been famous in the world. While in Bali, the history of batik began with the path of Pande Ketut Krishna in the 1970s.

Pande Ketut Krisna from Banjar Tegeha, Batubulan Village, Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, pioneered the rise of batik art in Bali to experience rapid development. Batik has even become a favorite commodity in the present era.

One of the most coveted tourists is the center of batik production in the village of Tohpati, Batubulan, Bali. This place is famous for its traditional batik production which is traditionally processed. Tohpati batik fabric has high quality.

These handmade fabrics are then sold in boutiques that also stand in this village. That is why, besides shopping, visitors can also watch the batik making process in this place.

It is not difficult to find this center, only about 20 minutes from Denpasar City. In Tohpati Village, you can find around 20 batik boutiques.

One of the boutiques found in Tohpati village is Bidari Boutique. When you enter this boutique courtyard, the atmosphere of the Balinese countryside is very strong. You are immediately greeted by a number of boutique artisans who are batik in the front yard of the boutique.

Not only the batik process, the process of producing clothes using a sewing machine can also be witnessed in this place.

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Bali Batik Crafts Cultural Tourism

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