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Celuk Village Silver Craft

Celuk Village Silver Craft as Bali Silver Craftsman Village Tourism Object

Celuk is a village with a famous silver handicraft production, so it becomes an identical tourist attraction as a famous silver producer in Bali. It also produces gold handicrafts, even abroad. As a famous village, it became the destination of domestic and foreign tourists. Tourists can come and visit here to see artists working on this traditional craft.

Celuk belongs to the Sukawati sub-district, Gianyar regency, located between Batubulan village as a Barong dance performance and Sukawati market, so it becomes one of the travel packages especially for those who like to shop to continue shopping for souvenirs from Bali, can go directly to Sukawati market.

Located in a strategic place on the Batubulan tourism route - Sukawati - Ubud - Kintamani, is located in a network of craftsmen such as the villages of Batubulan, Batuan and Mas. Take about 30 minutes or a distance of 15 km from the East Sea of ​​Denpasar. If you rent a car in Bali or tour Ubud or Kintamani, there's no harm in visiting this village, because you will pass it.

Almost all Celuk residents are gold and silver, skilled, kraetif, and innovative craftsmen in the art of developing design creations and variations relating to gold and silver crafts where their products have entered the local market, nationally penetrated into the international market. Various types of jewelry creations and variations, both as souvenirs and export commodities produced in this village such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, earrings, bross and various other types of jewelry. Like shopping ... try dropping in here.

The gold and silver handicrafts produced in the village of Celuk have high quality qualities and are capable of producing large quantities. Nearly all families, in every Celuk village that are skilled and have an average artistic spirit, in developing their creation, they always see market developments as a trend. Because this tourist attraction is famous for its silver handicrafts, every day is visited by many domestic and foreign tourists.

To visit Celuk, tourists can take part in the Kintamani - Ubud Tour full day package for the package that we have arranged the route. Or tourists can rent a car + driver + fuel themselves or a place to choose can also be self steering if you already know the route / road to the place, the travel package that we provide, using a private vehicle is not combined with other participants, so the trip to time arrangements can be more flexible and allows self-regulation.

Celuk is strategically located, when you take a tour of Kintamani attractions or to Besakih Temple, this place can be passed and used as an alternative destination, for those of you who like silver craft from the island of God. Besides the tour you can also rent a car in Bali, visit interesting places around.

As a provider of transportation fleets, we provide a complete range of rental cars, available off keys or with a driver. A number of recreation that we provide such as watersport tickets we also provide cheap and affordable places, this place is located in the waters of Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua, as well as various adventure tickets that you can order on our website, rafting on the Telaga Waja River as the Ayung River becomes popular choice for a number of tourists.

Schedule a visit to Celuk village after the Odyssey Submarine Bali activity is the only submarine recreational activity on the island of the Gods, we are invited to dive at a depth of 35 meters below sea level, the location on the Labuhan Amuk beach is part of the East Bali region, after this activity You can continue your trip to Goa Lawah, Kertagosa, Sukawati art market and finally to Celuk Village.

The existence of this village has entered the list of tourist attractions in Bali, which are a number of places that you deserve to visit.

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Bali Cultural Silver Crafts Tourism

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