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Pura Besakih is the largest temple in Bali which is very crowded with domestic and foreign tourists as well as Balinese people who wish to pray and around the Penataran Agung Besakih Temple surrounded by 18 Companion Temples namely Basukian Temple and 17 other Temples. For the Pura Basukian this is believed to be a revelation received from God received by Hyang Rsi Markendya which is the forerunner of Hindu Dharma in Bali as its center. Pura Besakih is the center of activities for all temples in Bali and all the temples within the Besakih Temple complex.

There are 3 statues in Pura Besakih as the main symbol of stana from Tri Murti's God nature, namely Brahmana, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva which is believed by Hindus to be the symbol of the Supreme Creator, Preserver and also the God of Melting or Reincarnation. Since 1995 the Besakih Temple has become a world heritage site of UNESCO which is an attraction for foreign tourists as well as a sacred temple sacred by Hindus on the island of the gods.

Wisata Budaya Pura Besakih di Bali

A History of Besakih Temple Cultural Tourism in Bali
Pura Besakih which was built by Rsi Markandeya who was a Hindu figure who was very famous in the country of India and had previously settled long on the island of Java. In the beginning, Rsi Markandeya founded the Besakih Temple because he received revelation when meditating on Mount Hyang (Mount Dieng, Central Java) and in the revelation Rsi Markandeya received instructions from the creator to explore the forests of Dawa Island, from the south to the north. During the trip to explore the wilderness on the island of Dawa, Rsi Markandeya planted jugs which contained metal and holy water. The metals inside the pitcher include precious metals, gold, silver, copper, iron and bronze. For the Hindu community today the five objects in the form of metal in a jug are known as Mama Pancadatu.

History records that in addition to these 5 metals Rsi Markandeya also planted a jewel and the name of the planted gem was known as Mirahadi, which was interpreted as Mirah Utama and planted a jar of 5 metals and pearls which was then named Basuki which means survived. Named Basuki because during the encroachment of the island of Dawa with his followers succeeded and safely carried out their duties according to the instructions or directives received by Rsi Markandeya on Mount Hyang. And it is said that once the island of Bali with Java Island as we have witnessed now is a unit of land and has not been separated by the Bali Strait. Because of the length of this island became the forerunner of the island of Bali and Java which was named Dawa Island which means as Pulau Panjang.

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