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Gua Gajah Temple or Goa Gajah in Indonesian is located in the western part of Bedulu village, Blahbatuh, Gianyar Bali or just an hour's drive from Denpasar city. Temple Goa Gajah is one of the oldest and historic temples that symbolizes the development of Hindu and Buddhist civilizations on the island of Bali.

Gua Gajah Temple is also known as Pura Gajah Post itself still has a debate when it was built in detail, but according to the records of the Majapahit kingdom which in 1365 AD stated that Goa Gajah Temple was built by a kingdom in Bali named the kingdom of Bedahulu in the 11th century AD. or before the cultural influence of the Majapahit kingdom entered the island of Bali.

The note also mentions that Goa Gajah Temple was used for worship by two religions at once namely Hinduism and Buddhism or when it was called Shiva-Buddha religion and in subsequent developments when the popularity of Buddhism dimmed Goa Gajah temples still used by Hindus as places of worship. The Pura complex is also an archaeological site where in parts of Pura there are many statues and temples that have not yet been completed.

Inside the Goa Gajah Temple complex there are not only large Goa but there are other buildings such as fountains of several statues, water itself is a source of water from the meeting of two springs where in the Balinese Hindu community it is considered very sacred. There is also a statue of the god Ganesha as a protective deity in Hindu religious beliefs. at the other end are ruins of former Buddhist temples carved into rocks.

The complex atmosphere of Goa Gajah Temple itself is full of peace, its architectural form brings you the era of a typical era of Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms. You are also permitted to enter the main Goa at this temple, where there are rooms that are used to be trusted to meditate.

This temple is open to the public but there are exceptions for women who come for months not allowed to enter the temple area to maintain the sanctity of the temple itself.

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