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Uluwatu Bali Temple is located in Pecatu Village, Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali. This temple is 30 kilometers south of Denpasar. Uluwatu Temple, also called Luwur Temple, is one of six Sad Kahyangan Temples, the main spiritual pillar on the island of Bali.

Uluwatu Bali Temple, has a status as Sad Kahyangan Jagat Temple or a buffer for Bali's island wind axis.

History of Uluwatu Temple
There are two different opinions about the history of Uluwatu Temple.
First Opinion, Some people believe that this temple was built by Empu Kuturan in 9th AD, during the reign of Marakata.

Second opinion, others claim that the temple was built by Dang Hyang Nirartha, a pedanda (Hindu monk) from the Kingdom of Daha (Kediri) in East Java. Dang Hyang Nirartha came to Bali in 1546, during the reign of Dalem Waturenggong. The monk built the Uluwatu Temple on Pecatu Hill. After completing a spiritual journey around Bali, the monk returned to Uluwatu Temple and died there. He is moksa (dies and his body disappears), leaves Marcapada (worldly life) and enters Swargaloka (heaven).

Piodalan or ceremonies commemorating the anniversary of the temple are held on Anggara Kasih day, in Medangsia Temple in the Caka calendar. Usually the ceremony lasts for three days filled with thousands of Hindus.

Uluwatu Temple is located on a 70 meter high cliff that rises above the Indonesian Ocean. Because of its unique location, visitors to the temple must take a long stone staircase to reach it. This temple faces east, unlike other temples in Bali that face west or south. There are hundreds of monkeys roaming along the road outside the temple. Although monkeys look tame, visitors consider them to be a nuisance because they often take food from the visitors 'hands and steal visitors' belongings. There are two doors at the end of the road, the north and south doors, where visitors enter the temple complex.

The entrance takes the form of a Bentar stone gate. Standing opposite each gate, there are two statues of elephant-headed men. The front of the gate is decorated with relief statues depicting leaves and floral patterns. Behind the gate, there is a stone staircase that leads to the inner courtyard. Along the stairs, trees are planted to provide shade.

A small forest is located in front and hundreds of monkeys live here. They are believed to guard the temple from bad influences. The serpentine path to the temple is enriched by concrete walls on the cliff side. It takes about an hour to move from one end to the other because there are several fenced points along the road to stop. A view of the wavy water base against the rock and the incredible oceanic horizon.

Balinese Hindus believe that the three divine powers of Brahma, Wisnu, and Siva are one here. This belief caused the Uluwatu Temple to be a place of worship for Siva Rudra, a Balinese Hindu deity from all elements and aspects of life in the universe. Uluwatu Temple is also dedicated to protecting Bali from sea evil spirits.

Inside the temple, there is an inner courtyard which is an open space paved with stone floors. There is a wooden building near the north gate. To the west, across the entrance, is the Paduraksa Gate which opens the way to the next inner court. Unlike those found outside, this stone gate is equipped with a roof. The door is an arch that is framed with a stone structure. There is a giant head statue above the frame. The top of the gate looks like a crown and is decorated with relief statues. The distance between the gate and the wall is filled with surfaces full of relief statues. There is a small rectangular field to the south that stretches over the sea. There is a wooden construction at the end of the field which seems to be a place where people can sit and watch the ocean. Uluwatu Temple has undergone several restorations. In 1999, a lightning bolt grabbed the temple and caused a fire.

Every six months according to the 210-day Bali Pawukon cycle, the birthday celebration of a large temple is held at the temple. Temple guards, the Jro Kuta royal family from Denpasar, were protectors for the event. Believers consider it a manifestation of the divine power that protects the Uluwatu Temple. Public facilities are available, but not in the temple area. Unlike some other tourist destinations in Bali, the Uluwatu Temple area has a limited number of vendors.

Visitors must wear a sarong and sling, as well as appropriate clothing that is common for temple visits. They can be rented here. The best time to visit is before sunset. Kecak and Fire Dance is performed every day on the adjacent cliff stage from 18:00 to 19:00. Visitors are charged a nominal fee, tickets are around USD 10 / person. What makes the most favorite place to watch the Kecak dance is the background of the sunset from the show.

There is no public transportation to get here and returning to the city will be difficult without any pre-arranged trips or taxis. A guide is not needed, although it is useful. The services offered are not troublesome with a minimum price.

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