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Kecak dance is usually called Cak dance or fire dance. This dance is a mass entertainment dance that portrays role art and is not accompanied by musical instruments or gamelan. However, it was only accompanied by a choir of a group of about 70 people who danced in a circle wearing a black and white checkered chess box.

This dance is very sacred, seen from fire-burning dancers, but immunized and not burned.

Kecak dance is also often called Sanghyang dance which is performed at any time for religious ceremonies. Dancers are usually possessed by spirits and can communicate with deities or consecrated ancestors. Dancers are used as a medium to express His word. When possessed, they will also take unexpected actions, such as making dangerous movements or making sounds that they have never released before.

Name of kecak origin
Wayan Limbak is the figure who created the Kecak Dance. In 1930, Limbak popularized this dance abroad and was assisted by Walter Spies, a German painter. Male dancers who dance kecak will shout the word 'cak cak cak'. From there the name Kecak was made. Besides shouting, the Kecak Dance music also comes from the sound of kincringan which is tied to the dancer's feet that spread the Ramayana figure.

Inside the circle, the other dancers in action. They play a dance taken from the Ramayana episode that tries to save Shinta from Ravana's evil hands. Not infrequently, Kecak Dance also involves visitors who are watching.

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Bali Dance Exhibition Tourism

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