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Amed Beach is a beach located in East Bali, precisely in Abang District, Karangasem, Bali. Traveling and traveling on the island of Bali which indeed has a variety of tourist attractions is indeed endless. The visitors who come, so enjoy the tour on the island of Bali. Beach tourism on this island is quite famous. Tourists who visit Bali feel less satisfied if they don't have time to visit the beach. One of the many beaches that are famous for the beauty of their coral reefs, Amed Beach in Bali.

To reach the beach, it takes around 3 hours from Ngurah Rai Airport. Amed Beach is famous for its underwater nature tourism. Many tourists who come to this beach to dive while enjoying a beautiful group of rocks under the sea. In addition, Amed beach is also known for its sunrise views. Because the Abang area is in the eastern part of Bali, it will be very easy to see the beautiful light from the dawn of light in the morning.

On this beach, we will find a lake that is used as a diving practice for beginners. In this place, they will be trained by reliable instructors so that beginner divers are ready to be invited to dive into the sea. This diving activity is preferred by foreign tourists, but nowadays many local tourists want to know the beautiful atmosphere under the sea. Clear sea water makes our view clear when diving on this beach. Enjoyment of diving will be more felt when we swim with small fish that have various colors. This is what makes tourists interested in visiting the beach.

This beach area is very suitable for recreation. Various accommodations such as hotels and restaurants are available on this beach. So we don't need to worry when we want to stay and spend time on Amed Beach, Bali. The price also varies according to the facilities provided. The tourists who come to Bali must visit Amed beach and enjoy the underwater beauty.

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