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Geger beach attractions are not as famous as Kuta or Tanjung Benoa which are always crowded with tourists, but this is not the case with the beach, although the charm can be compared with other famous beach resorts in Bali, but this area tends to be less crowded.

The beaches are clean white sand, sloping, calm and clear sea water so it is suitable for relaxing and swimming, marine tourism that we see a lot is playing canoe with family rented on the beach, renting fishing boats and fishing, beautiful areas unlike neighboring Tanjung Benoa always crowded with watersport activities.

Provided a beach umbrella in front of the restaurant you can use it while buying food or drinks, there is no shelter on this beach, if you do not want the sun to come in the morning or evening, unless you come for sunbathing, vehicle parking is also limited. Small stalls are available promising snacks and drinks.

Some of the Geger beach is also a private beach area of ​​The Mulia Hotel Nusa Dua, so the area is very clean, the white sand is so tempting, the water is crystal clear as clear, guaranteeing you feel at home to linger here. If you enter the beach area from the north of Mulia hotel, then to the south of the beach you can see a temple that stands on a cliff in a bikit, called Pura Geger Dalem Pamutih.

The location of the temple is adjacent to The Mulia hotel, there is walking access along the beach to go to the Pura area. while enjoying the beauty of the beach you can walk to the hill where the temple stands, from this tall valley can see the natural beaches and Indian oceans more perfect, this temple has a large parking lot. On the south side of the parking lot you can go to the beach with beautiful coral cliffs, there are a number of steps leading to the beach.

The rocks adorn the shoreline, look so beautiful combined with the Indian Ocean on the East side. You who love photographs, there are many interesting sights that can be immortalized. Let's just say that you are now in the Geger Dalem Pemutih Pura, from this plateau we can see the beauty of the temple and the view of the sea including the North and South coast.

When going north there is a road that connects to the private beach of The Mulia Hotel and if to the South there are views of black cliffs and rocks, along the coast, so that the south coast is quite narrow, beautiful to look at but not suitable for swimming.

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Rp825.000/ Person

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Rp750.000/ Person

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