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Pantunan Valley as Bali Hills and Valley Tourism Object

You can see the beautiful and beautiful rice fields in the Pantunan Valley, Bang Sidem Village, Tembuku Subdistrict, Bangli Regency, Bali. This panoramic painting is no less beautiful than the Tegalalang terrace of Unud. From downtown Denpasar it takes 90 minutes to drive.

Its natural location is still beautiful and cool, visitors to the Pantunan Valley are still relatively quiet because they are not exposed enough, there is not much information about the existence of this beautiful place, but it also causes visitors to feel at home to linger, especially when cycling is very very interesting, exploring the countryside far from pollution and noise.

The name of the Peninsula is taken from the word; valley which means rice fields that are located in a valley with a background of hills behind it which produces pantun which means rice, an ideal and harmonious name for rice field attractions in Bangli district, stretch of rice fields under the valley surrounded by hills with tropical trees and trees coconut.

This place is indeed not a popular tourist attraction such as the rice terrace of Tegalalang or Jatiluwih, but if you are an anti-mainstream lover then this Pantunan Valley will be ideal for you, the atmosphere is calm, comfortable and beautiful, but can be an alternative destination for your trip to attractions Besakih, because it is in one route.

Join the tour and visit the Pantunan Valley, you will feel the perfect sensation, or rent a car in Bali while exploring the beauty of the island of the gods. Valley with views of terraced rice fields, especially when rice starts to green, will look so beautiful. Pantuanan Valley can be an alternative tourist attraction in Bali in the next tour visit.

Tourism in Bali with the family enjoying different views, away from the hustle of the city in the countryside with a variety of unique panoramas that are presented will make a valuable experience. The tour in Bali visits rice fields such as the Pantunan Valley, introducing us to the lives of people who are still cultivating their fields traditionally, recognizing irrigation procedures called subak, and being able to understand the process of breeding, cultivation until finally the harvest.

The pantunan valley is located about 15 km from the temple attraction Besakih and 30 km from Penelokan, with a tour trip from Lake Batur to Besakih, you can watch this panorama, access roads to good locations, if you rent a car with your vehicle either with family or couples make this a wonderful experience, how can you forget this place, a valley featuring rice tourism, a very beautiful and green valley, which is very rare today.

If you explore the valley, there are a number of eyes that have different functions, there are springs of sudamala that are functioned for scratching, the springs are used when cutting teeth, and springs are effective, pangi, solar, function to cleanse the body so that it is protected from strength demons. Indeed, the beauty of this divine island, there are many hidden places that store pearls that emit its rays, so that travelers who take a trip to Bali are amazed.

Visiting the Pantunan valley besides we can see beautiful natural scenery, can also take a bath and melukat at natural springs near it. So that it becomes a fun combination of tour trips, besides being able to refresh your mind too, cleanse your mind spiritually at a spring that has magical powers.

While you are in the Pantunan Valley, you can sit back and watch the beautiful terraced rice fields, you can also take a walk between the rice fields and walk around on a bicycle. If you want to enjoy this beauty more optimally and feel the fresh air, try camping overnight, then you will experience a unique tourist experience and your mind will be fresh for your activities again.

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Bali Natural Hills and Valley Tourism

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