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Buleleng Regency or better known as the North Bali region in the tourism map of Bali, has a number of popular tourist attractions, not only the existence of Lovina beach which is famous for the attraction of dolphins in the wild, but also a number of waterfalls, increasing regional popularity to visit organize tour events in Bali, and one of them is Aling-aling waterfall.

Aling-aling natural waterfall attractions are still relatively quiet, but different during the holiday season and new year, this tourist attraction in Bali is a popular tourist destination for local residents. This place is suitable for tourists who like nature adventure tours. The island of Bali further highlights the nature of the beach with a wonderful beach and sea view, one day you might be bored and want to enjoy the natural green mountains and various natural charms that are presented.

Aling-aling waterfall Bali Tourism

Aling-aling waterfall object is located in Sambangan village, Kec. Sukasada, Kab. Buleleng. The distance from Denpasar is around 80 km, it takes around 2 hours by car or car. If you depart from the airport, the area of ​​Jimbaran and Kuta takes longer, because the place is in the area of ​​South Bali, but to enjoy your long journey, along the way you can visit a number of other tourist attractions such as Beratan Bedugul lake and Gitgit waterfall.

Traveling from Denpasar, you will find a fork before the city of Singaraja, here is a guide that takes you to turn left to the Sukasada terminal, arriving in front of the Sambang village hall and there you will find the sign "Aling-aling Waterfall" follow the direction within about 2 km you arrive at the parking lot, from here on foot, enjoy trekking tours to the location of the Aling-aling waterfall.

The walk begins with walking along the paths and rice fields, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the road to Aling-aling waterfall, natural, rural, calm atmosphere with amazing charm. For lovers of natural adventure, especially for beginners, soft trekking like this will be very popular. Further down hundreds of stairs, on the way you can see the existence of the waterfall looks so unique and exotic, and finally your efforts will be paid off after arriving at the location of the Aling-aling waterfall.

Arriving at the location you are treated to a spectacular view of the waterfall, fatigue will not be felt, break even with what you get. The beauty of the Aling-aling waterfall which has a height of 35 meters falls from the top of the cliff, the unique flow of waterfalls split in two from above. The right fraction has more and more water discharge. The cliffs are also steep, with large rocks along the river, green and beautiful natural surroundings providing tranquility, so you can be alone and feel comfortable and feel comfortable in the scenery.

Under the Aling-aling waterfall there is a basin like a pond that was made naturally because of the continuous pouring of waterfalls, you can feel the sensation, take a bath to enjoy the fresh water of the mountains. If you want to take a bath in a waterfall, you should also pay attention to certain seasons, especially during the rainy season, unknown water sources can bring dangerous flooding and bring water from the center of the water. Minimally request information from local residents, who already understand the natural environment, so you can enjoy tourism peacefully.

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