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Cemara Sambangan Waterfall

Cemara Sambangan Waterfall as Bali Waterfall Tourism Object

It is called Cemara waterfall, because in the past around the waterfall there were many pine trees growing, besides that the name was associated with the word "romance" so there was a thought that the couple who came and visited the Cemara waterfall, their relationship would last. Well for young couples, or like adventure tours apart from myths, you can visit here, because of the beautiful nature

The distance from Sambangan village to the center of Singaraja is quite close, only about 5 km, making it quite affordable, while the distance from Denpasar is around 95 km. Today Sambangan is a mandatory destination for trekking activities, the beautiful nature is at an altitude of 500-1000 masl, with a slope of 40 degrees, making those who have adventurous souls will be satisfied to enjoy Sambangan's nature.

In addition, Sambangan Village also presents natural scenery of rice fields, coffee plantations, palm trees, chocolates and hills and views of North Bali sea, Sambangan village can offer something different, natural and beautiful nature. Interestingly enough is the beauty of the waterfall and one of them is Cemara waterfall or Cemara waterfall.

Besides the myth that the couple's relationship is still lasting. Cemara waterfall tourism object presents hidden natural beauty with a height of about 25 meters with a width of about 6 meters, large water discharge, the bottom forming a natural pond about 4 meters deep, can be used for bathing. A cool and calm natural nuance, and strong gusts of wind, carrying flying water, feels fresh to wet your face. If you want to take photos, you may need the right position so that the camera lens is not wet with water.

You will not feel enough just to look at the natural beauty that is available, you can also take a bath and soak feel the freshness of this mountain waterfall, enjoy natural adventures and unite with nature, so that it becomes a new experience in your vacation. For those who like selfie photos, of course the view of Cemara waterfall will not be in vain. The place is far from the crowds, so the nuances of nature offer tranquility and calm.

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