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Gitgit Waterfall is located in Gunung Luwih Village, Buleleng Regency. North Bali area is very suitable as a place to travel. Here you can enjoy various natural attractions that are still not touched by many tourists. One tourist attraction that can be visited while traveling to North Bali is Gitgit Waterfall.

If taken from the city of Denpasar, it takes around 2 hours using a motorized vehicle. We will also pass through other natural attractions such as Bedugul and Lake Beratan. Accessing the road to the waterfall is quite easy because it is on the main road in Denpasar-Singaraja.

Gitgit Waterfall has its own charm because the water flow is quite heavy. To reach the center of the waterfall, we have to walk several hundred meters. However, don't worry because the road is big and easy to pass. Along the way, we will find many stalls selling various foods and souvenirs. We can buy it as a souvenir.

When you reach the waterfall, the fatigue you feel when you walk past the stairs will be paid off by the beautiful scenery and coolness of the splash of water that can be felt touching the skin. Gitgit Tinggi Waterfall is around 48 meters high and this waterfall is the highest waterfall on the Island of the Gods. The water flow is very clear because this location is still natural. This water flow originates from a hilly river in the hills above the village of Gunung Luwih.

Activities that can be done at this resort are taking pictures with family or enjoying the coolness of river water by taking a bath in this place. To enter the Gitgit Waterfall area, we will be charged an entrance fee of Rp. 5,000, - for adults and Rp. 3000, - for children. Affordable for various groups.

Well, if we are on vacation in Bali, Gitgit Waterfall can be a choice of places to travel.

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