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Visiting Tabanan Regency is incomplete if you haven't visited the natural attractions that are there. One of them is Leke-leke Waterfall located in Antapan Village, Baturiti District, Tabanan Regency, Bali. The location of the leke-leke waterfall is close to shopping attractions around the luwus area.

Lately, besides looking for tourist attractions to enjoy the beautiful sunset, it seems that domestic and foreign tourists are competing to target the unspoiled waterfall area. The sensation of adventure that tourists get will be felt when walking along the path to the location of the waterfall. 

In addition to being the best rice producing regency in Tabanan, Tabanan Regency is also a district with natural attractions that are often visited by tourists. Not only the terracing tourism object that makes tourists stunned by the green expanse of rice but also water attractions, especially waterfalls.

Towards the waterfall leke-leke Visitors will have no trouble finding a waterfall because it has a signboard on the side of the road. From the highway visitors will be directed to a smaller road. To get to this waterfall, visitors must pass through a path of about three kilometers between the surrounding corn plantations. Because passing through the plantation visitors can casually enjoy the atmosphere of the plantation with many shady trees and resident plantations.

Uniquely, the visitors must cross the river using bamboo bridges that were built independently by the local community. I was so attracted by many tourists who made this bridge as a photo object. After that, visitors have to go through another path made of rocks and arranged in such a way that they resemble stairs. 

Leke-leke Waterfall Natural Bali Tourism

The road to be taken is a path that is full of rising and descent. So that for tourists who are very fond of adventure, this waterfall can be a recommendation if going to fortitude. The name Waterfall is taken from the path that must be taken, which is a twist. Previously, the road taken to reach the waterfall was not as good as it is now in the local community.

In addition to the name Leke-leke, this waterfall is also named after the community with a "Kipu Kebo" waterfall or a wall of buffalo. The debit of the waterfall is not too big. The water fell directly into a rather large puddle-like place. Waterfall leke-leke has green color Tosca. But if the rainy season the color of the water will turn brown.

Some of the activities that can be done in this waterfall are soaking, swimming and also taking pictures with the background of a waterfall with a height of approximately 10 meters flanked by rock cliffs with creeping trees that are thickened. For a place to relax, the locals make several bamboo seating so that tourists can sit back while looking at the view of the waterfall.

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