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Sundays Beach Club is one of the many favorite places on the Bukit Bali peninsula. The beach club is part of The Ungasan Clifftop Resort and is located in the village of Ungasan. This is the right destination if you are looking for a resort on the beach with pure sand and where you can swim. Here you can also enjoy Mediterranean cuisine in the shade of thatched roof with sea views.

Sundays Beach Club Urban Bali Tourism

With five-star service that easily fits your call, Sundays Beach Club is the right choice for a relaxing day on a clean and quiet beach, with pleasant beach activities to keep you and your family or friends busy. These include sea kayaks, beach volleyball, snorkeling, and kite flying, while sun loungers under a wide beach umbrella provide the perfect waiting time. 

Sundays Beach Club Urban Bali Tourism

The only access to the Sundays Beach Club is via a cable car, down two minutes between two hill slopes you pass a few steps from the main pool and resort lobby. As you step into the cabin, the thatched beach club roof looks like a small pyramid under the green of the valley from this favorable place. Upon entering the round bar, a host team welcomed us while offering drinks at the bar, or a table in the main dining room adjacent to the semi-open kitchen. The rule here is 'come first, be served first', which also applies to umbrellas and sun loungers.

So, it is best to arrive early to guarantee one of the coveted places in front. Further east is the Sunday Beach Club's mini-lawn platform where you will find the best combination of calm and open look. In the end is Sunday's Bale, two elevated seaside huts offering high views and the best private space for a full day retreat.

The waves that hit barely reached the base of the platform, and the tides revealed clear rock pools and lagoons that left an interesting collection of tropical marine life to explore. The 165 m stretch of sand is surrounded by stone walls on each side, and is well supervised.

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Bali Urban Club Tourism

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